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Why is the Euro’s strength dangerous?

  After a very rocky start to 2012 the Euro has gone on to strengthen over the course of the last six months, notably gaining 8 per cent against the US Dollar. Confidence in the ...

ECB Holds Rates – But for how long?

Today the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank (the central bank for all members of the Eurozone) held its key benchmark interest rate at 0.75, the record low level adopted in July ...

Germany edges closer to recession – but what does this mean for the Eurozone?

  17 nations make up the Eurozone and as they share a currency – the Euro – as well as strong trade links the fortunes of one member impact on the fortunes of the others, ...

What would a Eurozone collapse mean for the UK public?

In recent years the Eurozone has been hit hard by the global debt crisis, countries like Greece, Ireland and Italy have suffered dramatically. As a result of the crisis governments ...

What is the difference between the European Union and the Eurozone?

The European Union is the union of 27 member states located in Europe. It is an economic and political confederation of nations that share the same ideals. The EU was founded as a trade ...

What happens if Greece/Portugal/Spain/Italy/Ireland exits the Eurozone?

Thanks to the Eurozone crisis of the past few years countries like Greece and Spain are in danger of having to leave the Eurozone. In Greece and many other countries the government ...

How is the Euro zone Beneficial to the European countries?

There are several benefits to being a member of the Eurozone. The main benefit for the people living in the member countries is that they no longer have to exchange currency when they ...

How has the Eurozone debt crisis affected Britain?

Britain is in a unique position; it stands on the periphery of the Eurozone and is not one of the 17 countries that use the Euro as its currency. Because of this the impact has been ...

What is the Eurozone?

The Eurozone is an economic and monetary union comprising of 17 European Union member states that have adopted the Euro as their common currency and sole legal tender. The 17 countries ...

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