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At The Currency Experts we provide the latest market information and currency forecasts within the world of forex. We supply all the information you need regarding the most traded currencies in the foreign exchange market. Our currency advice and exchange rate information gives our readers everything they need to know to trade and purchase at the right time.

If you want to get the best possible exchange rates then you will need to keep updated on the latest currency news. The correct timing of your money transfer is paramount to achieving a profitable currency trade. This is why regular currency news is so essential. We provide you with the latest currency movements and advice on economic data to keep you up to date with the highly volatile foreign exchange market. We help by supplying the latest currency news to all our avid readers.

How This Website Works

The posts and news articles on this website aim to help you make decisions on the best time to make a currency transfer. However, there are no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information provided on this website. The use of the information on this website is at your own risk.

The content on this website is NOT investment advice. Before making any currency transfer please seek the opinion of a qualified Forex broker.


John Cameron

John has some 15 years experience working in the financial sector and currently works as an account manager for an international FOREX company. John annually exchanges over £50 million and has a strong client base due to his in depth knowledge of the currency markets. John is regularly quoted in the press and is often a key notes speaker on his market analysis techniques.

Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon is the head of trading for one of the UKs leading foreign exchange firms. His currency forecasts are well respected by his clients helping them pick the most lucrative time to transfer their funds.

Luke Tervail

Luke Trevail has worked for a FOREX firm for the last 8 years where he is their senior trader. Luke is passionate about saving his clients money by providing them the best possible exchange rates.

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